Useful YouTube Shortcuts you should know


Lets see some YouTube keyboard shortcuts for ease our video consumption experience:


Use keyboard key K to pause/play a YouTube video, instead of the SPACE key to avoid annoyingly accidental page scrolling with the latter.

J / L

Skip ahead 10 seconds in a video with key L, or J to skip backward by 10 seconds.

Left/Right arrow

Skip ahead 5 seconds in a video with the Left Arrow key, or Right Arrow key to skip backward by 5 seconds.


HOME key to go back to the beginning of the video, or END key to skip to the end of the video.

UP/DOWN arrow

Increase or decrease the volume of the video.


To mute or unmute the video.


Turn ON or OFF the closed captions.

Number Keys (1 to 0)

use 5 to go to the 50% mark of the video, or 7 to skip to the 70 percent of the video, 0 to go back to the beginning, and vice versa.

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